(2016 - 2021)

Client and Funding Source: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Partner: Development Alternatives, Inc. (Lead Firm)

Contract duration: 2016 - 2021
Sample Activities and Themes:
program implementation management; monitoring and evaluation; participatory planning and management; biodiversity conservation; sustainable tourism; sustainable livelihood.


The Protect Wildlife program in the Philippines works towards biodiversity conservation, enhancement of ecosystem services and improvement of peoples’ well-being. The program approach is supported by four pillars, namely landscapes and seascapes, situational crime prevention, inclusiveness, and public-private partnerships or PPPs. For Year 1, two sites are the focus of interventions: Palawan, including Tubbataha Protected Area, and the Sulu Archipelago.

The Protect program has five interconnected objectives. OIDCI provides technical assistance to activities and interventions in pursuit of these objectives, particularly for Objectives 2 and 3. Objective 2 interventions encourage private and public sector involvement in biodiversity conservation and conservation financing. They relate to tourism initiatives or payment for ecosystem services in the targeted sites; and to Global Development Alliance (GDA) investments in anti-poaching and trafficking efforts. Objective 3 interventions focus on elevating the conservation competencies of LGUs and CSOs and strengthening their engagement in the formulation and execution of local development plans. Thus, these entail training in participatory planning and implementation for integrated conservation and development; and the deputization and professional development of Wildlife Enforcement Officers who are from the LGUs and CSOs.

Protect’s other objectives are to have actively engaged public and private sectors, a solid biodiversity research system, and strong enforcement of environmental laws. The program aims to replicate interventions in Palawan and Sulu in new project sites after Year 1.

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