National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Region 7
Funding Source: NEDA
Contract duration: 2020
Data for development; governance and decentralization


 PROJ 2020 Bohol PPA  PROJ 2020 Bohol PPA 2

The Philippine system of economic accounts covers national and regional activities only. There are no consistent sets of accounts at the provincial level. The data gap renders the measurement of provincial economic performance difficult and hinders rigorous policy analysis that is necessary for development planning at the provincial level. This study pilot-tests in Bohol Province the framework and methodology for estimating the Provincial Economic Performance, which was developed by NEDA Central Office through an earlier study it commissioned for NEDA CALABARZON (also part of OIDCI’s project portfolio). This study also complements the NEDA-commissioned Provincial Product Accounts Scoping Study.

The provincial product accounts (PPA) for Bohol from 2016 to 2018 is measured using the accounting framework in the Philippine System of National Accounts. Specifically, the PPA or the gross provincial domestic product is measured using the production approach. The key source of data for the estimation is the Philippine Statistics Authority, particularly its data sets under the Census of Philippine Business and Industry and the Annual Surveys of Philippine Business and Industry.

This study also recommends strategies on how to institutionalize the preparation of the PPA to facilitate the regular updating of said accounts at NEDA–Central Visayas. To arrive at these recommendations, meetings and interviews with concerned NEDA staff and Bohol provincial government staff are conducted by the Project Team. Training and capacitation, including the drafting of a user manual, are also provided to concerned NEDA technical staff and Bohol provincial government staff.

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