OIDCI maintains in-house and associate consultants who assist in project development and operations. Our roster of consultants and experts in various fields enable us to provide consulting services for a wide range of development needs.

The expertise of our pool of consultants are in the following fields: integrated area development planning; rural / agriculture / agrarian reform support services planning; participatory development / community mobilization; agribusiness development and industry studies; micro enterprise and livelihood development; project development / design and feasibility studies; comprehensive land use planning; investment planning and promotion; communications and public education; river basin / watershed management planning; participatory resource assessments; forest land use planning; natural resources management planning; vulnerability assessment and climate change adaptation; solid waste and waste water management; environmental impact assessment; social and environmental safeguards; risk assessments; governance and decentralization; training and institutional development; public finance and budget management; project implementation management; management information systems development; program/project monitoring and evaluation; and impact evaluation.

Our consultants share OIDCI’s commitment to observing high standards of competence, honesty and integrity; maintaining dignity and judiciousness; exercising due respect and fairness in dealing with the company, client, fellow professionals, and the public; and continually exerting effort to improve professional competence and personal attributes as well as those of their fellow professionals.


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