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OIDCI is a Philippine-based consulting firm with a proven track record in integrated area and rural development, environment and natural resource management, governance, and institutional development. We provide a broad range of technical services to national, regional and local government programs and projects in the Philippines and in other countries in Asia and Africa. The range of consulting expertise we provide include socio-economic development and resource management planning, baseline assessments, project design, project management and supervision, training and capability building, monitoring and evaluation, and impact assessments.

OIDCI adopts the EDGE concept to its projects, weaving together Economic growth, social Development, Governance, and Environment, which are all key factors to empowerment and sustainable development. This practice has its roots in the experience of our founders in integrated area development and has been strengthened by our more than 30 years of development consulting experience. Our service delivery approach is characterized as multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary. We promote meaningful participation of stakeholders and effective transfer of relevant technologies and good practices, thus building strong working relationships with our partners and clients.

OIDCI is accredited by major international financial institutions. We have managed and implemented more than 500 contracts, either as prime contractor or in association with local institutions and international consulting firms. We have had more than 15 years of presence in Mindanao and have done significant work in the region, particularly in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) and other conflict-affected areas.

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