Client and Funding Source: National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)
Contract duration: 2018
Governance and Decentralization.


The Philippine system of economic accounts cover national and regional activities only. There is no consistent set of accounts at the provincial level. This renders the measurement of economic performance of various provinces in the country difficult, and hinders rigorous policy analysis necessary in development planning at the provincial level. The study will address this gap by producing estimates of the annual Provincial Economic Accounts of each of the five provinces in Calabarzon or Region IV-A from 2011 to 2016 using the most appropriate framework and methodology.

The OIDCI Team will conduct this study in six stages, beginning with a comprehensive review of available information and data and methods used in economic accounting. The study will also recommend strategies on how to institutionalize the preparation of the Provincial Economic Accounts to facilitate the regular updating of said accounts at NEDA-Region IV-A. The Provincial Economic Accounts will be checked for consistency with the gross regional domestic product. Training and capacitation, including the drafting of a user manual, will be provided to concerned technical staff of NEDA-Region IV-A.

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