Client and Funding Source: National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)
Partner: PRIMEX (Lead), EDCOP and CEST
Contract duration: 2019
Development Themes:
clean water and sanitation (SDG 6); industry, innovation, and infrastructure (SDG 9); sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11)

PROJ 2019 Vigan01

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The Ilocos Region (Region I) aspires to be the agribusiness and tourism hub in northern Philippines. In order to fulfil this vision, significant investments in infrastructure development is required, including investments on transport, ICT, solid waste management, and flood management. The capital of Ilocos Sur province, Vigan City is a sub-regional center, a provincial market catchment, and a major tourism driver. It was recognized as one of the world’s New 7 Wonder Cities in 2015, being a UNESCO world heritage site, a best preserved example of a planned 16th century Spanish colonial town. In line with Ilocos Region’s development goals, the formulation of the Master Plan for the long-term development of sustainable urban infrastructure in Vigan City will give due consideration to the preservation of the city’s cultural and heritage value.

OIDCI deployed three experts - Tourism and Recreation Specialist, ICT Specialist, and Economist – for the formulation of the Master Plan. The Master Plan will link economic planning and the various development projects to the cultural/heritage and environmental and resource management goals for the city. With growing population and expanding urbanization in Ilocos Region, the Master Plan for Vigan City will address social and ecological/environmental issues such as poverty alleviation, heritage preservation, public health, biodiversity, climate change adaptation, and disaster risk reduction with appropriate financing. Close coordination and engagement with various stakeholders during plan formulation is aimed to harmonize individual and collective actions of stakeholders, address multi-sectoral concerns, and improve overall governance.

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