(BRB : 2014)

Client and Funding Source: Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Contract duration: 2014
Area of Expertise: Environmental and natural resources management, Governance
Sample Activities: Database development, stakeholder consultation, vulnerability assessment, pre-feasibility investment analysis


Two of the pressing issues raised by the 2011-2016 Philippine Development Plan are the threat of emerging water scarcity and extreme vulnerability to environmental hazards. This project will address in an integrated manner these concerns within the Bicol River Basin, considered the eighth largest river basin in the country on the basis of its drainage area size. The basin straddles through three provinces, namely Albay, Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte.

An integrated approach will ensure a holistic view of the physical area and the socio-economic situation in the river basin, and take account of the interconnection between upstream and downstream activities. Close coordination with stakeholders in the formulation of a comprehensive long-term plan will harmonize individual and collective actions of various stakeholders, and improve the overall governance. The approach is anchored on the integrated ecosystem management (IEM) approach that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is promoting and intends to institutionalize within the department. OIDCI deployed a multi-disciplinary team of experts for the conduct of this study.

The 15-year integrated master plan will provide for the long-term sustainable management of the Bicol River Basin so that it can continue to provide environmental goods and services that are important to local communities within (on-site) and outside (off-site) the river basin. The integrated Bicol River Basin Management and Development Master Plan will provide guidance on interventions and investments in water resources and watershed management, biodiversity conservation, land use, climate change adaptation and disaster risk management, livelihoods and other economic activities. The plan will also suggest an appropriate and sustainable governance structure and system for the river basin.

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